• That means nothing, most animes end with open endings and never see a season 2 let alone season 3, though i am hoping for a season 3 as well

  1. Thanks for this wonderful site! I wonder what type of people create a website just for Conosuba? Have you made sites for other shows? What got you into anime?

  2. everyone. the Creator (Akatsuki Natsume) said they will be no Season 3. but not for now, which means there could be a season 3 but not for now. because making another season would take time to make and to plan.

    and btw here’s the interview

    and i’ll be very happy to inform you all.

  3. There was a photo of the party running away from the Devil King in the Season 1 introduction. So I’m assuming there will be a Season 3 but don’t expect it so soon.

  4. There better be a season 3. If this ends up another 2 season drop off of an amazing anime idk what I’ll do. At least one more season, hopefully a bunch more.

  5. looks like last month the author sort of confirmed there wouldn’t be a season 3 anime… 🙁 looks like we have to stick to the LNs… for now at least

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